Wednesday, June 29, 2011

::time ticks and fluids drip::

Hello, howdy, and hi!

Hope you are having a fabulous day - wherever you are.  While I was asleep, I was dreaming about Hawai'i and swimming in the ocean with turtles.  Then I woke up.  In Indiana.  Poo.

Kurtis is doing well.  As of yesterday, he was still at the bottom of the U, but looking good.  Just like a U has a line along the bottom, so does Kurtis' recovery, so it is expected that he travels along that line while he is getting better.  Any day now, he should start to trend back up and he'll start to feel better very quickly.  He didn't have to get any platelets or any extra anything yesterday, so the day seemed "short" at the hospital which as very nice. 

We're waiting on his blood tests to come back for today to see if he is on the upswing yet.  There is talk of us being able to blow this popstand by the end of the weekend, so that is absolutely fabulous! It will take us several days to get home (by choice and necessity) but we're thrilled that the chance of having half of a Fort Collins summer awaits us.  I know a lot of you are from the Fort, but for those of you who are not - Fort Collins in the summer is like a dreamland.  The sun is out and it is almost never too hot.  Old Town is free of the college kids (well, so is most of the city during that time!).  The river is running, Horsetooth calls out to be hiked, and many hours can be spent working and playing outside. 

Kurtis is sleeping right now, which is pretty normal.  He wasn't feeling too well last night, but still managed to watch Master Chef and the two hour almost-final show of The Voice before heading to bed.  I don't think either of us have really completely adjusted to the night news being on at eleven instead of ten, and shows running to's going to feel weird when we go home.  It seems like he has been sleeping well though, which is excellent.  The more his body rests and works, the better he'll feel faster.

I've been working on school stuff mostly.  I'm pretty sure I'm going to be teaching my English class using pirate books, so I've been cranking through those one after another - two down, three or four to go!  I've also been making some sock bunnies to take to the children's hospital before we leave.  My mom sent me some felt, and the one I made yesterday trumps all the other ones I'd made before...thanks Mom :)

Other than that, not too much to report other than a great win by the Rox last night.  Thank goodness technology is advanced enough that I can watch and listen to them out here!

Hope everything is well with everyone.  Sending our love!


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