Wednesday, June 8, 2011

We live inside "people of walmart"...

Hello and warm (or hot and steaming) greetings from your favorite place to read about and not to visit!

I realized today while talking to one of my friends back home that I feel like I am living inside the website called people of walmart.  Never seen it? Love it? Well...hope your schedule is clear for the remainder of the day as I know the website is strangely addicting.  Visit the Indiana page of people of walmart...and get a serious look into our current daily life.

Well, it's still hot and humid...and there are still questionable things happening all the time.   Today, on my way to the hospital, I was almost run into by the bus that runs around the IUPUI campus.  Amusing and ironic part? IUPUI's "slogan" is IMPACT.  Ha.

Kurtis has been sprung from the confines of his really nice hospital room.  Fortunately, he is doing well enough that he doesn't need to remain in the hospital which is great.  Even though he was able to escape, throughout the day, he had to get his fluids and other things before he could leave.  I know that is makes a big difference for him when he finally gets disconnected from the "tree" that holds all of his IV bags. 

While Kurtis was finishing up all of his treatments, I went to Target and gathered up some good food for us as our "apartment" (that's what we've been calling it...makes it seem like we're not living in a mini hotel box that happened to have a sink and some kind of stove) was pretty barren.  I also changed Kurtis' sheets and cleaned the half inch of counter space that we currently have.  We finally have staples like flour, sugar, etc. and I almost feel like a real person again.  Tonight I made "white" lasagna and that was fun for me.

Kurtis is now resting.  Although he is getting farther out from his treatments, he is still completely worn out almost constantly.  On the way home today, we stopped to pick up Chauncey and the dog pretty much lost his mind when he saw Kurtis.  Chaunce didn't seem to mind (or notice) that Kurtis was wearing his mask so he doesn't get sick which was good.

Tomorrow, Kurtis and I will head back to the hospital, but this time as an outpatient!  He'll get his stuff tomorrow, and then we'll be able to come back home which will be great.  Kurtis' mom will be leaving in about twelve hours from when I'm writing this.  Unfortunately, she has a really early flight so she's going to have to get up really early in order to catch the shuttle to get over to the airport on time.  It's not overly terrible though as she'll face no security lines and be back in Colorado (with the dry air!!) really early which will be nice I'm sure.

Chauncey wants to tell everyone that he loves camp bow wow.  Thanks to some of your donations, we're able to take him every day and it really makes a difference in his life.  As I was telling my mom today, it completely wears him out and I'm so glad he is here with us instead of with someone else all summer.  Today he tried to pretend that he was going to play, and he was practically falling asleep on his toys, which was funny. :)

In attempt to make Indiana a little bit more bearable, I am going to find at least one positive thing about Indy per day.  I figure:
A) It may actually make me a little (even if microscopically) less cynical about Hoosier land.  Wow, Hoosier land sounds like a theme park that went terribly, terribly, TERRIBLY wrong.
B) Seeing as there are so few positives, it will give me something to do.

So, here are the current "positives"
1. One of the newscasters on channel 6 is named "Myrt".  This amuses me daily and makes me laugh no matter what I am doing.  Want to see Myrt? Simply click HERE! Yay Myrt.
2. There are lots of trees here that we do not have at home and that is interesting for a little bit.  Unfortunately, it can't be really interesting because any time I venture outside to visit the trees and use the new handy app on the ipad to identify and catalog them...I am reminded within fifteen seconds that the hot humid air is practically murderous and that I should return inside as quickly as possible in order to avoid further peril. 

I guess that's the episode for the day folks!  Thanks for stopping by... :)


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