Saturday, June 4, 2011

Thunderbooms in the background

Hello :)

Today's update is coming a little bit later as I've gotten in the habit of writing them in the morning, but It might have a little bit more information than it would have before!

As I'm writing tonight, a dark grey storm is rolling in from the (hold on while I check the compass feature on the iphone...) north.  Before I was here, there was a nasty storm that Kurtis and his mom had to go through and it included the additional bonus of tornado sirens.  I'm watching the clouds roll in like they're racing to first place, and hoping that we are not "lucky" enough to have a bonus this time around.

That aside, today was a good day for Kurtis.  He is still in the hospital, but his blood counts are "good" meaning that they are at or above what the doctors want/expect based on his treatment.  He got platelets yesterday, and as I expected, it seems like it has made him feel a little bit better.  Since his mouth and throat are the biggest reasons for his discomfort and pain, he has a button he can push about every fifteen minutes and it keeps his pain level low.  Over the course of the day, he has spent a lot more time talking and moving around the room (sitting on the couch even!) and has shown a few more of his ornery colors throughout the day.  I imagine that he'll be getting out of here in the next day or two which is great! 

we interrupt this regularly scheduled program to bring you...
Today, Kurtis was feeling good enough that he wanted to eat.  So, he looked at his lovely menu and had me call down and order a bowl of cereal (Lucky Charms, to be exact) and then, we waited.

and waited.

and then,
we continued...

and wait and wait and wait.
and wait.
and wait.
and wait and wait.

At this point, Kurtis said that he wasn't feeling hungry really anymore and was concerned that once his bowl of cereal actually got there that he wouldn't feel good enough to eat it.  I then went and talked to the nurse who said that this isn't uncommon and is the biggest complaint from people who stay at IU. We then continued to wait and wait - and at the one hour and twenty minute mark  the nurse got mad and got the cereal up here.

Other than that, our day has been pretty simple.  I've been working on a puzzle in the room, Kurtis has been watching TV and playing with the ipad and his mom has been reading.  Chauncey spent the day at camp bow wow (which he loves) and is now back at the hotel hanging out with Kurtis' mom.  As I said before, the rooms here are really nice and comfortable and we're happy to be able to spend "hospital" time in such a nice place.   

I went to Noodles for lunch today.  It is not even half a mile from the hospital, so I decided that I'd walk.  This was a mistake.  It was about 94* and the humidity was around 45% - which surprised me since I felt like I was basically taking a bath.  So, after "finally" making it to Noodles, I headed in and ordered all three mac and cheeses and then waited for them to be packaged up so I could trek back to the hospital.  On my way out, a man was sitting at a table eating and drinking a Fat Tire.  This intelligent person noticed my Broncos shirt and decided that he needed to tell me that..."the Broncos suck, " which, if we're honest is pretty true right now.  However, he was not content to end his insult package there instead continuing with "nothing good comes from Colorado, name one good thing that comes from Colorado."  So, I did.  I told him that "the food you're eating and the beer you're drinking come from Colorado." He didn't like that and told me that Noodles isn't from Colorado - so I just pointed out the sign that said that Noodles was founded in Boulder...smiled...and headed out on my way.


The lightning and thunder are starting to arrive and have brought their friend pouring rain.  They're a little bit late to the party - and not exactly welcome...but they're here none the less.

Thank you for your continued thoughts, prayers, and positive energy.  It really means a lot :)  If you are interested in sending us any mail, shoot me an email ( and I can send you the address!

Lots of Love!
Liz (Kurtis and Chauncey)

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