Tuesday, June 21, 2011

...prelude to stemcells...

Good Morning!

I am again reporting from our favorite "newsroom" - room six.  Kurtis is already getting his fluids and (starting today) his antibiotics.  He's exhausted still, so he's all curled up under a sheet just trying to sleep this nasty feeling time away. 

Yesterday was one of the harder days that Kurtis has had while he's been here.  The chemo and fluids messed with his system and although he has medicine to help control the nausea, it doesn't always work...which means throw up time.  I think he actually feels better once he throws up, but it's not fun even if it does make him feel better.  He spent a lot of time in bed watching TV and sleeping yesterday and it looks as if he'll spend much of today sleeping as well. 

-Although things are hard, the good news is that his HCG dropped to 37 in just two days!-

In addition, it looks like he may get checked into the hospital today or tomorrow.  He's just not feeling well at all, and I think that sometimes it is easier for him to be here and know that if anything goes wrong, the nurses are here to handle it.  Some of the medicines he gets while he is checked in help him too.  Once our nurse practitioner comes to visit today, I'll know more.  Don't worry though, the hospital isn't a negative thing - it's just helpful right now.  Tomorrow is stem cell day, so we'll be headed up and up from here!  It will probably be kind of a rough week, but it will be over soon enough :)

Chauncey loves camp more than ever.  He has a great time going every day and is always exhausted when he leaves.  I really like taking him there because I know he is having a good time and that he'll be tired for us when we bring him "home". 

I've mostly been working on school related things while I'm at the hospital with Kurtis.  There isn't a lot that I can do otherwise that is a productive use of my time.  I've got some new classes to teach next year and it has been nice to crank out some of the stuff I know I am going to need.  I can't believe that we've been out of school for about a month now - I love summer but I work at such a great school with wonderful people that it is hard to not want to go back all the time! 

So far, the storms aren't rearing their heads today.  The storm that came through yesterday was pretty loud and nasty.  Some places around Indy got around four inches of rain - and there are places that are flooded because of it.  It looks like we'll be clear today until the afternoon when it all starts back up again...yay.

In addition to that weather problem, I've learned that the Indy weather reporters have a different view on some of the "normal" weather terms...for example:
 Sunny = the sun might peek through the clouds for up to a minute at a time
Mostly Sunny = cloudy, but sort of bright
Mostly Cloudy = death clouds

Today I don't have anything positive about Indiana (I know, you're really bummed out...sorry...) BUT instead, I have a very special news story.  Last night, after watching TV, the news came on.  I decided that I would watch and find out about the weather, the latest on the missing IU student, and see if they had anything exciting before the first commercial break.  I'm tired and not really paying SUPER close attention when the news says something along the lines of "brampbrampitynewslalalaIndianastuffIdon'tcareaboutblahblah and today, an Amish man was busted for sexting a twelve year old girl."  Excuse me, what?! So I watched.  Low and behold, the Amish man was lured in by police who set up a sting operation.  The man thought he was going to meet the girl for sex...and pulled up in his horse and buggy.  And to think- I thought it was weird here before... want to read about it?

Anyway - I think that is all from Hoosier land for now, so I'll let you head off into your exciting day instead of continuing to babble on for no apparent reason.

Love to all!

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