Sunday, June 12, 2011

Day off!


I'm happy to report that today has been a day off from treatment for Kurtis.  Today has been glorious on many levels and for the first time, I actually enjoyed more than fifteen seconds in Indiana!

Since we didn't have to go to the hospital today, we had the opportunity to sleep in.  I say "the opportunity" because someone apparently didn't think that sleeping in was a good idea.  He wanted to go to the bathroom...and his bathroom is outside.  We call Chauncey "morning dog" anyway because he has this insane burst of happy in the morning to a point where it is really quite ridiculous.  But since his ears and his long greyhound face is so adorable, it is impossible to be annoyed for more than .23245 seconds.  So, I took him out and he (thankfully) peed without having to sniff every SINGLE blade of grass at least four times which is usually what happens. 

Seeing as we were now awake, the morning turned into a movie and read fest - with a side of chocolate chip cookies and Cap'n Crunch.  We watched the Patriot on TV and I finished a book I started a couple of days ago and around lunchtime, I finally decided that I needed to shower and actually maybe do something so that I didn't feel like a big pile of goo (aka a "hoosier"...okay, not really.  There are plenty of nice people here.  However I am thankful that people from Colorado are not called "Hoosiers" because it is really kind of weird.)  By the time I was clean (and covered in powder so that I feel like I'm in CO, Kurtis was itching to get out as well.

After careful consideration, we decided to drive west to Parke County, IN.  They have a lot of covered bridges, so we drove out of Indy, through Avon and out into rural Indiana.  The farm country is quite different here than at home.  Seeing as Kurtis is from Holyoke (which has lots of farm stuff for those of you who don't know...) it was easy for us to compare.  The trees are huge and there are a large number of big red barns.  I like the barns.  We also spent some time learning (from Wikipedia...via Kurtis' blackberry) about Indiana's role in the Civil War.  Many of the small towns we were driving through had Civil War something or other.  Neither of us have really studied the Civil War in depth - I really love the Revolutionary War period while Kurtis loves the 1960s so we spent some time learning some new history.  Great thing that we both like the same thing that so many other people would be put instantly asleep.  Haha. 

Once in Parke County, Kurtis and I pulled out the "bridge map" and decided that we would take the "black" route which took us by several covered bridges.  We made a stop at each of them to take some pictures.  One was quite new and we spent the most time there - looking at the water and having lunch.  Even though he's still tired, riding in the car was fine for Kurtis and he felt like he was able to get out of the house some which has lifted his spirits. 

Today has been beautiful.  The humidity has been low (by midwest standards anyway) and it hasn't gotten any hotter than like 75 which was great.  Fort the first time since I've been here, the sky was actually blue ALL DAY which was a nice change from the perplexing white haze that seems to linger over Indy all the time. 

Tonight we're hunkered in watching the Mavs/Heat game - right now Dallas is winning and we're hoping that the Mavs can pull out a win.  Later, we'll watch Food Star since we're both suckers for competition style reality TV.  I think mac and cheese is on the menu for later (or as soon as I finish this) and it should be a nice, relaxing night in.

Tomorrow we'll head back to IU to see what is going on.  We're not sure if Kurtis will be getting fluid or just labs, but we've gotten pretty good at going with the flow, especially when it comes to the doctors and hospitals.  Hopefully tomorrow's weather is as nice as the weather today and we don't have to stay in the hospital too long.  There are some boats on the canal that I'd love to rent for an afternoon.  Kurtis can sit and relax while I get a workout (since lax is not happening right now) Yea!  So we'll see how he's feeling.

Hopefully everyone had a great weekend - and as always - thanks for stopping in!



pps - there are new photos up on Flickr (or soon) of our trip! Check 'em out!

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