Friday, June 17, 2011


Good Morning!

I'm back in my big chair in room #6 for this morning's report. 

Yesterday, Kurtis and I headed down to Louisville which is about a two hour drive south on I-65.  We didn't run into a lot of traffic, so the trip was pretty quick.  On the way down, we talked about how neat it is that as you get closer to the east coast that the cities are closer and closer.  Heading into Louisville, there is a big bridge that we drove on while going over the Ohio River.  I like rivers out here - they're really big and since that isn't how they are at home, I like to see them.

Our first stop? The Louisville slugger factory! We parked in a lot and the parking attendant person was fixing the machine, so we stood around and waited and waited.  A family from Missouri came out and gave us their parking ticket so we didn't have to pay which was great! Once in the factory, we bought tickets for the tour and had the chance to go through the factory and watch as bats were being made from billets (the circular logs taken out of the ash or maple) to bats.  They showed us the machines that cut the bats from the billets.  Instead of using lathes like they used to, the billets slide into the machines and get spun so fast  that in one pass, the machine shaves off all the wood!  The shavings all get sucked up, so there is very little sawdust - all of the sawdust goes outside into a truck and is sold to a turkey farmer in Indiana.  We also got to see the machine that makes all the pro bats, watch them stamp things into the bat, and see how they finish up the bats.  Touring the factory was quite enjoyable and we were both glad that we went. 

For lunch, we tried to walk to a brewery, but were completely thwarted because we didn't read "east" main street (we were on west) so we ended up at a little mexican place, Los Aztecas.  It was exceptional and soothed Kurtis' craving for Mexican food.  We then headed back north, picked up Chauncey from camp and had a laid back evening - watched a few episodes of Iron Chef and did laundry. 

Today, we're back at IU.  Kurtis had to have his labs drawn before we got to meet with Dr. Hanna.  So, around 8:15, Kurtis got his blood drawn, and then we waited for about an hour before heading up to meet with Dr. Hanna.  The Simon Cancer Center is so nice, but I always get sort of nervous when we head in, and it only gets worse when we get back into the rooms.  Once Kurtis got weighed, etc., we were taken back to one of the consultation rooms where we patiently and nervously waited.  Once Dr. Hanna entered with a smile on his face, we both felt more at ease.  One thing we've learned while fighting cancer is that the first few seconds when the doctor enters the room usually tells us if we are going to be smiling or really upset in the minute following.  Today was a smiley day.  Just as we were, Dr. Hanna was thrilled with the progress of Kurtis' HCG.  We were given the go-ahead to start chemo today, which is great.  We're ready to get back home :)

So, here we sit, watching Maury (because we've pretty much exhausted our HGTV and Food Network choices...and it is is DNA test date, so we've been betting if so-and-so is or isn't the father...haha) and the US Open waiting for Kurtis' chemo to get going.  They weren't sure if he was going to start today or not, so that is why it takes a little bit longer than normal.  I'll go get some good lunch here in awhile since Kurtis won't feel too much like eating in the next day or two.  It sure feels good to have the okay to get going so we can get home.  Kurtis is feeling good and had a little swagger walking back to the infusion center after meeting with the doc :)

We are still waiting on his HCG for today, but I'll report that out once we find out :)

The most recent Indy observations...
-Apparently, people here take the "white boarder on a stop sign means it's optional" as a literal statement
-The sky is almost always white, not blue
-The temperatures aren't too bad when it isn't humid (which isn't very often)

Today's positive thing about Indy...
7. Um. It's close to Louisville? And Louisville is really cool...

That's all for now folks - more later!


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