Monday, June 20, 2011

scalloped clouds and thunderbooms

Hello -

We woke up this morning to a barking dog and thunder.  That's right, it's raining again here in Indy...woo.hoo.  For those of you who know me well, you know that rain is not my favorite type of weather.  I don't mind it in small chunks, but this day after day grey sky stuff really messes with mood.  Although, I was thinking about it, and it wasn't really all that "nice" even on "sunny" days.  Apparently, if it is moderately bright and the sky is only mostly covered in clouds, it is considered to be "sunny" here.  Anyway, we're on a flash flood warning today due to the rain - and we'll see what else is headed our way later. 

Indiana...the gift that keeps on giving!

It's easy to see that Kurtis' chemo is working because he's started to feel worse with each passing hour.  Mostly, he's just plain worn out so he rests/sleeps a lot to combat it.  Yesterday, he had a battle with feeling sick to his stomach all day and still managed to eat some pizza rolls and most of a baked potato.  During the day yesterday he watched some tv and played on the ipad before sleeping in the office for a long time.  Then it was time for the trip home...not my favorite part of life when Kurtis feels bad.  The roads out here are extremely rough (lots of cracks, potholes, and fixes to both) and when Kurtis feels sick to his stomach, I know the ride home is rough on him.  I try to make the ride home (about fifteen minutes...) as smooth as possible, but I can't do anything about the rough roads.  Yesterday was one of those days I wished that I could just teleport him back to the box. 

Once we got home, Kurtis ate some lunch and then slept for the majority of the afternoon.  I did my best to be quiet (and so did Chauncey!) so we hung out on the couch and watched the Rockies which was nice.  I love being able to watch them on the's like a perfect mini TV!  I've also discovered that I can watch OLD games, so when the game I'm watching is over, I can just pick a different one I haven't seen and watch that. 

We've been enjoying Food Star on Sunday nights, and yesterday was no different.  Fortunately, Kurtis was feeling good enough to be up and we watched as the chefs made dessert.  The episode was great and we're already looking forward to next week!  It's nice to have a little bit of normalcy, even when it is just watching a specific TV show. 

This morning, he had blood drawn and they're checking all of his numbers as well as the tumor marker (HCG) so we'll have a new number to report here in a few hours.  No chemo today since yesterday was the last day! HOORAY! 

Hopefully everyone is doing well - we miss you all and hope that your day is less full of thunder and lighting than ours is!

Sending love,

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