Wednesday, June 22, 2011

::stemcell infusion complete::


Hello! How are you? We are fantastic, just back in room six (as usual) hanging out while Kurtis gets all of his nice fluids and medicines, etc.

Yesterday was fairly uneventful.  Kurtis got his fluids and decided to try another day out of the hospital.  When we headed home, he relaxed and I went outside to play my uke a little bit and hang out in the "sun".  After watching some show on the travel channel or the food network or something, Kurtis wanted to eat a burger and bacon -so I made him a burger with bacon and he ate the whole thing!  He hasn't been eating a lot lately, so I was pretty excited.

Today was stem cell infusion day.  Just like last time, it is quite the ordeal.  The infusion was set for 11 am, and the infusion team arrived at about 10:45.  They bring in a big black cart and a large canister where the stem cells are.  Once the cart is cleaned off, they get going.  From the large frozen canister to the heated water bath where they get warmed up and then put into an over sized syringe and pushed in to Kurtis through his central line.  When this happens, it can make Kurtis feel sick, make his chest hurt, and  make him taste garlic (the preservative for the stem cells is a "garlic derivative" apparently).  They gave him a pile of grape jolly ranchers and he got through it with absolutely no problems!

Kurtis had a room reserved in the hospital for today.  I headed out to the car to get some Advil (my elbow is hurting...stupid weather changing)  and when I came back, our NP was talking to Kurtis about not staying in the hospital tonight.  He's feeling good enough to go "home" which is great! I'd much rather he be in our "box" than in the hospital "box" <--and so would Chaunce!  Kurtis' family arrives tonight as well, so I am sure he'd rather see them today than tomorrow.  His mouth is still starting to "turn", but hopefully it won't get too bad. 

Other than that, I don't think too much is new with us.  Just living the good 'ol Hoosier life!

Love to all!

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