Saturday, June 18, 2011

chemo day 2.2


Welcome back to good 'ol room six. 

Yesterday we found out that Kurtis' HCG number is all the way down to 65.9!  We were very excited about this...especially after the doctor made sure that we knew it was okay  if the number went up a little bit before chemo round two.  This time, while playing our guessing game, we were hoping for something around one 65.9 was fantastic!

The chemo hit him pretty quickly yesterday.  I headed out to get us lunch from the BBQ place (one last lunch before his taste buds go again...) and we had a nice lunch.  About an hour after that, he started to feel kinda queasy and tired along with the overall feeling of "yuck".  The tiredness has definitely set in, and he said that this round has hit him a lot faster than the last round.  One of our nurses said that people tend to do better with the second round, so we are hoping that is the case with Kurtis too.  Yesterday Kurtis made a good point - the first round of chemo took his HCG down about 9,000 and the second round only has to take it down 65.9.  On Monday morning, he'll have a blood test for HCG and we'll get a new number which we're already looking for.

Today and tomorrow Kurtis will get chemo.  He then gets two days of fluids and then will go through his stem cell process again.  Once that is completed, he will be going through the same process that he did before - all leading back to Colorado.  We're anxious to get home...both starting to miss Fort Collins and our house a lot - not to mention our families and friends.

It's a rainy day this morning in Indy and is supposed to rain all day today and tomorrow....good thing we're stuck in the hospital anyway.  Chauncey is at camp (his favorite place, ever) getting himself completely worn out...apparently he doesn't stop playing the entire day which I think is great.  When he comes home he sleeps and walks around in "tired" mode which is amusing.

Looks like someone sort of fixed the Rockies :)

Hope everyone is having a great day and we'll update again soon!

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