Tuesday, June 7, 2011

update from white-skied pasty land

Good Evening -

It is hot here.
I don't think I've ever fully had an appreciation of what "hot" meant until this week.  I'm not sure that everyone reading this has had this opportunity either, so I feel it necessary to describe the experience of "hot".  I've been struggling to come up with the right handful of syllables to accurately portray what it feels like, and today while walking up Michigan, I had an epiphany!  Living in Indiana in the summer is like baking something that has a fair amount of liquid in it and being so excited to see if it turned out that you get your face too close to the steam.  Your initial reaction should be to rip your head backwards and cough while thinking (in your mind) something along the lines of "wow, that was dumb."  However, when you go outside here there is no ripping your head backwards because it is completely and utterly surrounding.  AND, if you spend more than half a microsecond outside you have sweat dripping from places that you didn't know sweat could even come out of.

The lightning bug count is still at zero.

So, Kurtis is still in the hospital.
He's doing well though, so it isn't a negative thing.  He is mostly fighting low blood counts and fluid loss/retention, so he isn't stuck in there for anything major.  I keep thinking that he's going to get sprung the "next day" so I'm not going to say anything about it now, and I've pretty much decided that I have no idea when he'll be able to escape.  Not that he wants to escape into the death heat...

His spirits are high and his blood counts continue to rise which is all positive.  Tonight his mom is staying with him again as she's running out of time here with us before she goes home to Colorado. Tomorrow I'll head back to the hospital and hang out for the day while good old Chauncey goes to get his little self worn out at camp bow wow.

That's all for now :)


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  1. Hey! You should try Virginia today. Hot and sticky! The only plus side is that my daughter lives 5 blocks from the beach. We ride our bikes to and from the beach. It is so much fun! She has a bike carrier, and we stuff all the chairs, games, towels, body boards, and food. We usually spend most of the time there.

    Tell Kurtis that I love my Lucky Charms! There are magically delicious!

    Take care! Keep your spirits up!