Friday, June 10, 2011

thoughts from room six

Hello and good morning!

Today, Kurtis and I are back at the hospital (yes, still as outpatient) and we're hanging out watching Sportscenter and Throwdown while Kurtis gets his fluids for the day. 

Yesterday, Kurtis' mom headed home and is now safely back in Colorado.  It was difficult for her to leave, I think, but I'm sure it feels good to be home with the rest of Kurtis' family.  In the morning, Kurtis and I came to the hospital and did what we're doing right now...spending endless hours in a small room at the hospital watching mindless TV that either makes us want to go to the ball game, fix up our house, or cook food - none of which we can do at the moment...haha.  We found out yesterday that his white cell count has gone up which is great! They've told us that when the white cell count starts to go up that it tends to go up quickly.  As his cells normalize, he'll start to feel better.  Hooray!

Some of you, I'm sure, have been wondering what happens now, so here is an outline of the basic schedule:
-Finish up fluids tomorrow (hopefully)
-Take a "break" so that Kurtis and his body can recover a bit from what's been happening
-Begin chemo round II (currently looking toward the 17 or 22)
-Get stem cells
-Do what we've been doing
-GO HOME!! :)

So, Kurtis is about halfway through this whole process which is fantastical.  We're both starting to really get homesick at times and it is hard to know that we've got another chunk of time out here before we can go home.  However, last night we were able to hang out at "home" with the pup and finally felt a little bit normal and at home which was very, very nice.  Not that we did anything interesting, but it was quite enjoyable for all three of us. We were also able to watch part of Mavs/Heat game.  Neither of us like Dallas, but we're really not interested in having captain "the decision" and his silly little friends win the championship which left us rooting for the Mavs.  A week ago, neither of us could stand Dirk Nowitzki, but now we find ourselves not only cheering for the Mavs, but actually unable to hate Dirk.  This morning I realized that in the past year of championships we've cheered for the Rangers in the World Series and now the Mavs - - - I feel like we're cheering for Texas teams a little too often here...

So, now to your favorite part of the blog...the "what the hell did Liz find to be positive about in Indiana?" section.  Here are the most recent uplifter!
3. The lightning bug count is at one.  I am officially a lot happier and content with life after spotting the neon-green blinking behind of a lighting bug.  Apparently, you have to be talking to a friend back home while sitting at an awkward table at around 12:15 and one will go buzzing by!  At least now we know that there is, indeed, at least one lighting bug in the Hoosier state.

Well, I think that's it for now - not a whole lot of interesting news to report!  Thank you to those of you who have sent cards/packages!  They really brighten up our day :)

Sending love!



  1. yay lightning bug! Yay for being halfway done! Be encouraged-you're about over the hump :)

  2. I just hooked-in to your difficulties through M.Creech's folks. You'll be in my prayers! Pete(PC)Crosby - fmr. C.Mtn. Youth Coach