Saturday, June 11, 2011

one fluid bag day!

Greetings from afar!

Well, here we are.  In the hospital.  Could you have guessed? :)

We got some good news yesterday - Kurtis' white blood cell count went from 900 (or .9) to 3,000!  This has really helped him feel better and he is acting more like his "normal" self.  Yesterday was the first day in awhile that he didn't crash and take a nap for several hours in the afternoon.  This doesn't mean he isn't tired, but it means that things are a little bit easier for now.  Due to the rapid increase of white cells, Kurtis has been taken off of his IV antibiotics and has been reduced to one bag of fluid at the clinic today!  Even better...he doesn't have to come tomorrow which means that we get a day off! Woohoo!

Kurtis' hair has started to fall out again which is a bummer.  Yesterday he decided it would be good if we cut it so I went to Target and got a clipper and a shower curtain and shaved his head down to 1/4''.  It feels better for him and there won't be quite so much hair everywhere as it falls out.  Thankfully, he wanted it all cut the same length ... because I have no business cutting hair - haha.

The IU Medical Center goes basically comatose over the weekend, and it seems quite bizarre.  There are no people wandering around, all the food places in the hospital besides the limited cafeteria are closed, there is no one being picked up or dropped off, I magically can park in a really close to the door spot in the garage and the infusion clinic is exceedingly empty.  This morning we discussed how strange it is that a big hospital in a big city shuts down so much over the weekend.

Chuancey is doing well at Camp Bow Wow and the people who work there are very nice.  They keep a blog about the dogs who go there (mostly just uploaded pictures).  This week, Chauncey is featured in several pictures that really bring out the hilarity of who he is.  Check out Chaunce here! If you go back a few pages you can find more pictures of him as well as an adorable foster dog named Penny who they sponsor (she gets to live there until she finds a home!). 

So, our life out here is moving along.  We're adjusting to living in a box, but missing Fort Collins.  I'm learning to use our toaster oven so well that I'll probably never use a normal oven again!  We've got one pot and one pan which makes creating food a bit challenging at times.  However, it is no different than home as I've made lasagna and a breaded chicken in the past few days (by the way, if you like making bread crumbs/cracker crumbs and then putting it on chicken - "munchables" which are made by Ritz are great!  They are half cracker and half pretzel and work really well - there you go - your food advice today).

And now [drumroll] the positive thing about Indianapolis for today....
4. Drivers out here make it so I'll be much less likely to have road rage at home.  If I can put up with what is going on here, I can put up with anything!  I've almost been hit by a bus, two semis, as well as an old lady with a cigarette hanging out of her mouth.  All in the past week...yay.  Yesterday, I also watched a woman go halfway through a red light, stop, put her hazards on, wait, put her car in reverse as the light was turning yellow on the other side, reverse, put the car in drive, and zoom off...


Anyway - that's all I have to report for now.  Hope everyone is having a great weekend :)


PS - The nurse just came in and his white cell count is now at 9,000 (9)!  Hooray!

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