Friday, July 1, 2011

[on the upslope]

Good Morning!

The sun is attempting to come out here in Indiana, but as usual, failing.  We'll continue to talk to him and see if we can get his smiling face to peek out!

Things are going as expected here.  Kurtis' blood counts finally started to rise yesterday, although by a small margin.  We have yet to get the blood results back from today, but our hope is that his counts have continued to rise and "exploded" a little.  The sooner his counts are good, the sooner we can get in the Subaru with the yellow doggie and head back west!

Overall, Kurtis is feeling a lot better.  He's been walking in and out of the hospital the last few days which is fantastic.  He has also been sleeping less during the day and eating more.  In the morning he's more alert and wakes up/gets up faster than when he's feeling terrible.  :)

The other day, a guy who had been through this treatment came back to visit (he was meeting with Dr. Einhorn or Hanna) and he stopped by our room to talk to Kurtis.  It was nice to see someone who was done.  He was four months out of this and his hair was back and he looked normal.  He talked to Kurtis and encouraged him which was really great.  There is also a new germ cell tumor patient next door.  He's getting his checmo and stuff and we're both very happy that we're on this side of the whole adventure. 

As Kurtis just pointed out, we'll be in the hospital for another holiday.  We've joked about his cancer being the "holiday stealer" since we've been in the hospital for many of them, including Thanksgiving and Christmas.  Looks like we're also going to get July 4th!  haha.

Hope everyone is doing well - we love and miss you all!


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