Wednesday, July 6, 2011

-Indy's Greatest (or not so great) Hits!-

Good Evening!

I'm writing today from the central time zone! We're still in Indiana, but some parts are a little brighter than the others when it comes to selecting their time zone location.

We're spending the night in Michigan City, we'll continue our homeward bound adventure tomorrow.  Today we went to Lake Michigan which was beautiful, and slightly disastrous.  Among other things, I decided it would be a great idea to take Chauncey into the lake (he hates water).  I thought that if I could just get him to calm down a little bit in the water that he might like it. 

It failed.  I now look like I've been attacked by a cat or something with scratch marks all over my arms, hands, and face.  Kurtis said that I had been a 'fraidy cat! 

So, in honor of our last night in Indiana for this trip, I've decided to compile a list of things that we will miss and things we will not miss upon leaving the hoosier state.

-Looking tan, even though we are not.  I'm in better shape than Kurtis, but he still fits right in.
-The nursing staff is really nice at IU, so that's a plus

-Driving down Washington St. daily.  On this drive, we pass about fifteen different varieties of fast food and I manage to hit more than 70% of all the lights.

-Humidity.  I do not enjoy feeling sticky and covered in wetness 24 hours a day.  It is disgusting and gross and I do not understand (even in the slightest) how people manage to live long term in such terrible climates.

-TERRIBLE DRIVING.  The driving is absolutely terrible.  Stop signs are optional, I get cut off at least once a day and no one (NO ONE) knows how to merge.  Oh, it is a force to be reckoned with.

-The word Hoosier.  This is such a weird word.  I don't know where this word comes from. It is weird.  I don't really like it - it makes me really uncomfortable for some reason.  Say it out loud.  See?  Awkward.

-Taking my dog out on a leash daily for bathroom breaks.  Oh, sliding door, how I love thee, allowing my dog to pee without me!

-The interesting people that inhabit the hotel.  There are some really...special...individuals.  I am glad to be living not near them anymore. 

-Not feeling safe at the neighborhood grocery store.  I drove to Target instead.  I miss King Soopers. I will not miss the drive to Avon in order to pick up five things. 

-Sweet pickles.  For some reason, Indiana has an aversion to dill pickles and while I don't eat a lot of things with pickles, Kurtis does. And really, sweet pickles are just not very good when you like dill ones best.

-The night news coming on at eleven.  It's way too late people.  But, I guess when you've messed your time zone up and it stays light until after ten, you just have to move the news back.

-Living in a box.  I think the space we were living in was smaller than the main floor of our house.  It gets a little cramped and we are glad to be headed back to our house.

-ALSO! Coin operated laundry.  Wow, I did not miss that from college...

-Construction on the interstates.  Indy is trying to get ready for the Super Bowl and have torn up their entire highway system.  Getting around is really fun.

-THE SUPER BOWL.  People in Indianapolis are in denial that the NFL is in a lockout.  It's amusing.  In the paper everyday, there is a countdown.  Really?  You need a countdown?  (Now you're's only 213 days away)

-Having a kitchen.  With four burners and a dishwasher. 

I think that's all for today.  Hope everyone is having a great start to July :)

Love, Liz

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