Saturday, July 2, 2011

countdown to blastoff!

Greetings and hello!

This morning, good old room six is quite a bit more interesting with the start of the Tour de France today!  Now we have something interesting and up to date to watch instead of yet another episode of House Hunters! 

Kurtis is doing really well this morning.  Yesterday, he got his catheter taken out and he feels MUCH better now.  The catheter was near his port and had a tube that went into his chest.  Hanging from it were two tubes that were a couple inches in length.  The entire time we've been here, he hasn't been able to take a shower, and has only been able to take a bath from the waist up - they didn't want anything to happen to his line.  Now that it's out - he only has to wait one more day until he can shower!  I know that he is very excited about that.

We found out that he was going to get his line out yesterday and after he was done with his fluids for the day, we went down to the IR section of the hospital.  We had to wait for about forty-five minutes, although that is actually pretty good considering we weren't on the schedule.  They took Kurtis back to a small area with rooms that had slide curtains.  I had to wear a mask and a hat, so that was new.  Kurtis got a few shots of numbing medicine near his line and then the doctor pulled it right out.  The tube from inside him was several inches in length.  She kept pressure on the "hole" for a little bit, and then bandaged him up.  We were concerned for a little bit when it bled some on the way home, but it stopped and all was well.

We are consuming the last of our food supplies and I'm hoping that I don't need to go to the store anymore while we're here.  I bought extra milk (I have a slight addiction to milk...) so we should be good to go!

Right now, it is looking like we'll be on our way out of the hospital on Tuesday and head home soon after that! HOORAY!

I feel like there is something more I had to say this morning, but it is slipping my mind at the moment. 

Sending love from hoosier land!


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