Tuesday, July 26, 2011

"The BOX"

So, show of hands...who remembers the story of the insane insanity at the Indy post office?

If you're not raising your hand, you need to go back a few posts...go here!

Anyway, on the heels of that awesome experience we returned home.  And then we waited for our boxes...two were coming from Michigan City and were sent a day after the Indy box.  Once we got home, there was no box (which was okay) and in the next few days, we got our Michigan City boxes, but not the Indy box.

So we waited.
And waited.
And then, for a change of pace, we waited.

Daily we'd come home from somewhere (like the grocery) and hope to see the box on the porch.

It wasn't.


So, after a week after it should have been delivered, I called the USPS customer service.  I asked them what I should be doing - go to the Fort Collins office, call Indy's office, talk to them?

"Oh, it's no problem ma'am.  We'll open up an investigation."

Great.  Investigation.  Show of hands, who feels good about the box being returned to me?  Um, not me.

So I told the "representative" about the box and she gave me a case number and told me that someone would call me Thursday.  They didn't.  Anyone shocked?  Nope. Me either.  This prompted me to call them and ask about the "investigation" (was my box murdered?!). 

"Oh, it looks like they're still investigating.  Someone will call you Monday."

Guess what happened Monday?  You're right: no call.  So I called..."oh, someone will call you tomorrow, we're still investigating."  AWESOME.  I hate you. I want my box.

I called my mom and we decided I should go to the post office here with all the information and they could call the brilliant people at "customer service" and find the box (or what remained of it). 

This morning I headed over with all the information I needed...where I sent the box from, to, what size it was, what was in it, when I sent it, my calls to customer service, etc. etc.  We met with a nice man who looked at it, headed in the back and brought back the box.

So, for like two weeks, our box has been sitting in Fort Collins.  Great.  I want to know who gets paid to do investigations at the post office.  I could be making so much money doing absolutely nothing!!!!

Other than THAT, things are going well.  Kurtis will be tested for HCG on Thursday which makes us happy/freaked.  It hasn't been tested for several weeks now, and we're hoping it is down, down, down.  He's been playing golf and that is "normal" and I start lax practice back up on Thursday.

Chauncey is doing well too - happy to have all of his toys back from the box.

Hope everyone is doing well -


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