Thursday, July 14, 2011

Monsoon Season in Fort Collins!

Hello all!

We are still home and things have been going great.  Just as per usual, when life begins to return to "normal" I don't usually update as much. 

In the past few days we have really settled in.  During spring break, we started painting our house.  We weren't able to finish our room and then it was cold outside and we were in the middle of lacrosse and I never got it completely finished.  I was supposed to finish after school got out, but as you know - as soon as school was done I was headed out to Indy.  Long story short, I got that done and it feels fantastic.  We also have some dead and thin spots around the yard, so I've been working on growing grass in those places.  I bought some stuff called "Scott's EZ Seed" that was recommended by the grass area worker at Home Depot.  Here's to hoping that it really is "EZ"!

I don't know that a lot of you have ever been to our house, but we have a great backyard.  Minus the fact that there are two huge pine trees placed really awkwardly that neither of us like at all.  I even had a dream about going into the mountains and catching pine beetles in a jar and bringing them home to kill the trees....something I would never do in real life.  So, I was sitting in our living room and I looked out and realized that a hammock would be the perfect thing to go out there.  We set out on a journey and found one at JAX (a store kind of like REI) that is made of parachute.  We love it and I've already become a lazy sleep in the backyard mess. 

Yesterday we had quite the hail storm.  It has been raining in the afternoons here almost daily, and one night we fell asleep to paparazzi like lighting that went on for quite some time.  Yesterday the thunder rolled in and I pulled the cars in the garage and brought our hammock inside.  In a few minutes the stones started falling from the sky, so I moved the peanut sauce off the burner and tried to cover up some of my raspberry bushes and roses.  Unfortunately, they still got beat up quite a bit, as did everything.  The hail was quite big and came in at an angle and it really sounded like we were under attack.  Chauncey wasn't thrilled with the "attack" and wandered around the house like the world was ending.  Hail was shooting out of the rain spout and piling up.  It hung around for awhile after the storm was done in piles on the side of the house and in front of the garage. 

So far, we've avoided the severe weather today and are enjoying the Rockies game.  Tomorrow we're headed down to Colorado Springs to visit my family (and to go to a Rockies game!) so that should be a lot of fun.

Hope everyone is doing well-

Sending love!

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