Monday, July 11, 2011

H to the O to the M to the E!


I'm sorry I haven't written in several days, but what a several days we have had!

Kurtis and I made our way across the US on I-80.  We started out leaving Michigan City in Indiana and ended up going through Chicago.  As nice as smart phones are, sometimes they make things more complicated.  Our trip through Chicago wasn't planned, but seeing as we didn't get murdered on the south side, we deemed it successful.  We finally got on the roads west - ended up on a toll road...and thought "oh no" but ended up paying like $5 total.  The drive to Des Monies was nice.  Once we crossed the Mississippi River into Iowa, we decided to have lunch.  There were all of the normal fast food choices, but we drove into town and found a great little Gyro joint.  It was delicious!  We even saw a large rodent that we think was a beaver!

We spent the night in Des Monies, IA  which was nice.  We found a little mexican place like Chipotle, but it turned out to be terrible, so that was a bummer.  The flavors were pretty much non-existent...and for me to be saying that says something! 

In the morning, we packed up the mutt and headed to Holyoke.  We drove through the rest of Iowa and all of Nebraska with a few stops here and there.  Nebraska is not nearly as pretty as Iowa, so it was a boring ride.  Chauncey knew that "something" was going on, so he spent almost the whole ride standing up in the backseat.  He would fall asleep with his head on stuff, but stood up the entire time.  At the end of a long (long, long) drive, was Holyoke where Kurtis' family lives.  We hung out with everyone and had a wonderful dinner while watching the Rockies and enjoying the nice cool non-humid night. 

The next day, we hung around for awhile longer before heading all the way home to Fort Collins.  It was a nice blue sky day which was wonderful since we haven't seen "blue" sky since we left.  As we got closer to home we were able to see the mountains - what a glorious homecoming those are!  We had no problems getting into the Fort and even came home to a welcome sign on our driveway :) 

The car has been unloaded and I've been pulling weeds and working in the yard.  Chauncey has been bouncing around the backyard and the house and is very happy to be home.  He misses camp a little bit, but has enjoyed "playing" with the dogs that live on the sides of the fence. 

Today we've got an appointment with our local oncologist to check in and get everything set up here (blood tests mostly). 

Other than that, I don't think that there is much to report! 

Have a lovely day!


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