Sunday, July 17, 2011

late night report from the hammock


Hope all is well in your neck of the woods - just a quick update from our end of things.

We went to Colorado Springs this weekend to see my family.  It had been quite some time since I had seen any of them so it was nice to spend a lot of time with them.  My sister comes home on the weekends from her awesome camp job, so I got to see her too.  Last night, Kurtis, my dad and I went to the Rockies game.  Our seats are by the bullpen and I am interested in working with the Rockies to set up a testicular cancer awareness campaign.  The bullpen coach, Mike Wright, knows us (we hang our head over the wall and look longingly at baseballs enough) so I started by writing him a letter asking him to get my contact info to the person who handles that kind of stuff.  He said he would, which is great news - and also wrote a beautiful note on a ball and had a bunch of the bullpen guys sign it.  It was a wonderful gesture that meant a lot to both of us.

This week looks pretty simple.  Kurtis has a blood draw tomorrow morning and then we're going to go to the driving range.  We went last week and it was not pretty for either of us - seems like time away from the clubs is NOT the answer when trying to get better at golf.  Haha.  Hopefully that will go better. I'm getting a haircut that I've been needing for a couple of months in the afternoon, so I'm pretty excited about that. 

I'm not sure what else is up but more hammock lounging (YAY) and taking the stinky dog to get a bath at the "Pawlor". 

Hope everyone is doing well!

Sending love ,

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