Thursday, May 19, 2011

steps toward the midwest

Well, we're well on our way to heading full steam ahead into our "midwestern summer".  Today I did a lot of menial things that are helping to get us prepped including changing the oil in Chip (our Subaru...Jack is the Civic's name for those who wanted to know), picking up lots of maps and books from AAA and setting up hotels for Chels, Chaunce, and I when we drive across the country. 

I'm trying really (REALLY) hard to be excited about heading to Indy...and trying to find things to do or see that are new and interesting and might possibly distract me from the fact that it will be really hot and exceedingly humid.  Any recommendations from someone who has lived there would be great...not like we know anyone...haha.  So far, my list of things that I'll enjoy are:
-the Cheetah at the zoo
-that at least there is a AAA baseball team (go Indians! the AAA affiliate of the Pirates...)
-lightning bugs <-- a pretty new thing for me unless you count when I went to NC

Kurtis finished up his tests today with his pulmonary function test.  The guy who was running the test for Kurtis said that he has gained an entire liter of air capacity since being first diagnosed in October which is quite impressive.  So, although we're headed into a new round of treatment, we are celebrating the victories achieved.  As we both hold a BA in history, we know that with any great war, there are battles won and lost.  Although some of the stupid cancer cells might have escaped and clung to life, they are about to get their clock cleaned.  We're thankful for modern medicine and what it will do to help Kurtis.

Other than that, not a whole lot of stuff is new to report - we've got a busy few days ahead...
FRI - Liz gets to go to a special IB ceremony for one of our lacrosse kiddos
SAT - Liz hands diploma to one of our other lacrosse kiddos & there are several grad parties to attend in town and out east where we'll get to see Kurtis' family
SUN - Kurtis and his mom head out to Indy, Liz votes for all-americans in Denver for lax
MON - End of the year lacrosse banquet in Fort Collins and possible visit from Liz' Mom and sister (or maybe tues...YET TO BE DETERMINED!)
MON-THURS - Kurtis gets ready & starts treatment in Indy, Liz teaches ukulele class
FRI - Liz & Chelsea head to Indy

I think that's all for now - thanks for reading and following along!

All our love,
Liz (and Kurtis and Chauncey)

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