Saturday, May 28, 2011

hello from Illinois!

Greetings and hello from Mt. Vernon, Ill.

Chels and I have been traveling since yesterday, and I'm only a few hours away from Louisville and a few more hours from Indy.  Tomorrow, we'll go to Louisville where I'll drop Chels off and then I'll drive two hours with the dog "solo" up to Indianapolis. 

Chauncey has been good so far for the most part - and that really helps the traveling.  He doesn't like to go to the bathroom other places besides home, so our current bathroom count is -->
Pee: 2 total.  #1 = Salina KS @ 3 am; #2 St. Louis, MO @5 pm (ish)
Poop: Still refusing...

He spends most of the time in the back of the car sleeping, but freaks out if you drive over the "warning" bars and has to come up and sit in the passenger seat.  Today we had lots of breaks for him including a visit to KU, Mizzu, and the St. Louis arch.  He really liked the Mizzu campus (as did we!) and seemed to enjoy St. Louis until I made him go down by the river...hehe. 

Kurtis is doing well.  I texted with him most of the day, and talked to him on the phone for a bit and he is exhausted.  This chemo is really taking a toll on him, but the good news is that he is done with this set of chemo!  Only one more round of it (and that will be several weeks from now.  I can't wait to see him as I feel like it has been forever.   Chauncey and I really miss him and are both thankful that this treatment will blast the crap out of it. 

I'm sorry to be sending Chels home tomorrow as it really means we are "on our own" out in Indy.  Kurtis and I love hanging out together, but we'll really miss our friends this summer.  I know that some of them have talked about coming out and we're really hopeful that they can.  We've been looking forward to seeing more of our friends in the summer all year - and would love to now, even if it is in Indy.  

Anyway, that is all for now. 
There are some pictures of the doggy on facebook if you want to take a look -

Love to all,
Liz and Chauncey

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