Friday, May 27, 2011

Chemo Days

Greetings from Post-Chemo Day 2,

As you can all tell by now I began chemo yesterday. That meant that Mom and I were stuck up at the hospital for about 9 hours while blood was drawn, returned, chemo's given, and some magnesium. It stormed most of the day that we were in the hospital so that made me feel a little bit better for not being able to go outside.

Today was a much shorter time at the hospital (only 5 hours). Things went very smooth today, but now I am super duper exhausted. This is easily the hardest of all of the chemo that I have done so far. I had to wear a mask out of the hospital because I am not immuno-compromised. So that is obviously embarrassing.

We are back at Rachel's House and are still the only people here. We are getting quite tired of having to rely on taxis every day, but that will be over on Sunday evening when Liz and Chauncey get here. On the topic of Chauncey, we are apparently testing the limits of the bone marrow transplant people because of how many diseases and whatnot dogs can carry, but for now I am still allowed to stay with him and will do that until they tell me that I can't anymore.

I am very exhausted after my two days of chemo, but the nice thing is that after tomorrow I am done with the chemo for a few weeks. However, I will start to feel very crummy because my blood numbers are going to be very very low.

We will get you all an address when we have one because both Liz and I have been getting asked if there is somewhere in which people can send us stuff while we are in Indy so you all will know that as soon as we have one.

All of my love,

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