Tuesday, May 31, 2011

Mission: Stem Cell Infusion - MISSION COMPLETE!


It is 65% humidity here right now.
I'm going to die a slow death of too much wet air...

BUT - that isn't what I'm writing about.  Today I started writing before Kurtis had his stem cells back - and he does now! He did a great job and didn't get sick like some people do.  He is now resting comfortably at home.  This afternoon, he even ate a little pizza which is a great thing :)  He's not feeling "good" yet - as this doesn't work like a blood transfusion but as the cells grow and mature, he should get there.

Just a few things to point out and then I'll write more later:

NUMERO UNO: You can now see our photos at the top right side of the page! Yay! I'm incredibly intelligent when it comes to being awesome and made it do that with only my mind powers (or, I found a widget and plugged in the user name...)

NUMERO DOS: You can now sign up to get our blog via email (I think).  Someone who wants to, please sign up and let me know if it works!

Love to all,
Liz (Kurtis and Chauncey

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