Tuesday, May 31, 2011

Stem Cell Infusion Day! (with the stem cell part coming later...)

Hello and Good Morning!

I haven't changed the time on my computer yet, so as I start this post, it is 6:45 am back home.  Feels kinda weird to completely adjust to the time, and I am definitely not there yet.  This morning my semi-paragraphed ramblings come from Room #5 in the transplant center at IU.  Kurtis is already getting infused with his 'fluids' today and will get his cells back around 11 which is just a few hours from now.

The hospital and the transplant clinic are much busier today than yesterday.  When driving in to the parking garage, there were a bunch more cars and I had to go up several levels in order to find a place to park.  There are little to no license plates from other states, but it seems that my subraru gets along with all of the other cars just fine.

It's another hot day here (were you expecting anything else?? ha.) and the humidity is only at 69%.  I can adjust to there being "new" things here - but I'm having problems adjusting to the humidity...as is Kurtis.  Every time I go outside, it is like I get hit in the face with sticky air and it is quite possibly one of my least favorite things, ever.

Yesterday Chauncey and I went "exploring" to try and find a dog park.  We found one - but I decided that it would be best to keep the creature away from other dogs who might have some kind of strange sickness that Chaunce could then bring/give to Kurtis.  So, we looked at the dog park and then drove around to find another park.  The other park had a nice path through some trees and bushes and other green stuff, so we walked for a few miles on that.  He doesn't really like the humidity either - he was hot and panting so much that his tongue was hanging out of his mouth to the side which looks really funny since he has black spots on his tongue.  Chaunce made friends with a little boy who asked me why he was breathing so hard.  I told him that it was because we're from Colorado and not used to how hot it was - and I told him that it was also humid and then I asked him if he knew what humid meant.  He said "Yea, it's humid here.  We celebrate Halloween, Thanksgiving, AND Christmas." Um...yea.  I don't know what he thought I was asking so I just went with that one...yet another reason why I don't teach third grade.

I also drove around Indy some yesterday trying to get a little more familiar with it since this will be our home for awhile.  There is a ton of road construction everywhere because of the pending (or should I say...possibly pending...) Super Bowl.  Indianapolis has gotten a few things for that, including an really flashy blue Marriott hotel that has thirty-three floors and over a thousand rooms.  Click here to see it!  Regardless, cities usually have massive amounts of construction and traffic anyway, but I have located the Chipotle - so I think perhaps I'll be able to survive the humidity :)

I haven't been able to upload pictures using my computer yet, just the ipad (thank you very much lax families!! - we love it and have used it endlessly already) so I'll put some up later.  However, I did start a flickr photo page - our name is kurtislizandchauncey.  You should be able to find our "photostream" by following these instructions:
-->Go to flickr.com
-->Type in kurtislizandchauncey into the search box
-->It will tell you that it is sorry and couldn't find anything. DON'T FREAK OUT.  Please, put the lamp that you are about to smash back down - it is only one easy step!!!  Instead of smashing things, simply change the search mode from "photo" to "people"
-->Click our name!
ORClick this link... http://www.flickr.com/photos/63475898@N02/

I'm still learning my way around flickr, but right now it seems fun and like I'm able to put stuff up and get some information there :)  Hopefully it will give you a view into our "midwestern" life a little bit.

I think that is all for now - I'm sure I'll get more updated today :)


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