Monday, May 23, 2011

Greetings from the high humidity, low "suninity" city of Indianapolis

It has been a very interesting 24 hours, but my mom and I are getting settled into the place that will be our home for the next week or so. Our plane landed at about 4:00 local (eastern) time, and was partially diverted around Missouri while those huge tornadoes were hitting. But we made it safely and made our way out of the airport and into the city. We took what is known as the "green line" that takes people from the airport to the downtown hotels. The place we are staying is called Rachel's House and is dedicated to a young girl in second grade that died of cancer. It is a beautiful house that was built in 1910 and has original hardwood floors and each of the three rooms has a private bath. It has been very nice so far because mom and I are the only one's that are here. It is kind of in a sketchy part of Indy, but it seems like the neighborhood is starting to be rejuvenated in some places.

It is so very humid here and Mom and I are having a difficult time adjusting. To us high humidity in Colorado is around 20%, and today the humidity was 89%!! Luckily it was breezy so the air didn't seem quite as heavy. Luckily the temperature is supposed to drop some in the next few days. However, the air conditioner is not working to great in our room so that makes it tough, but we have a ceiling fan and another fan that keeps it plenty cool.

Today we made our way to IU Medical Center to meet with many of the people who will be taking care of me over the next two months. The places were running late (of course) and because of that there were doctors waiting on me for a change.

The city of very busy this week since the Indianapolis 500 is going on, but luckily we are staying where we are because it would be impossible to find hotel accommodations anywhere else.

Tomorrow I will have my catheter placed which is used to take the stem cells out, draw blood, and give me IV medications. I will be sedated while they do this so I won't really remember any of it.

I think that is really all I have for now. We appreciate everything that everybody has done for us and all of the continued positive thoughts and well wishes.


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