Wednesday, May 25, 2011

Stem Cell Harvest Day with a Side of Tornadic Activity

Good Evening from the Land of Nasty Storms,

Once again the majority of Indiana is in a tornado watch as well as thunder-storm warning for most of the evening tonight. In talking with many of the nurses and people that live here full time this type of weather is a common occurrence for May in this area.

Although we are always fighting the weather, we made our way to the hospital this morning to begin the harvest of stem cells that will be used to "rescue" me after I am given the high dose chemo. So Mom and I sat in a hospital room today for about six hours while all of my blood was removed and replaced roughly six times. I had to be hooked to the large machine all day so I didn't even get bathroom breaks; all I got was a portable urinal. Needless to say by the time the day was over I was very stiff, sore, and had a hard time walking at first when we left.

We made our way back to Rachel's House and waited on the phone call from the stem cell lab to find out if they collected enough cells today or I needed to do the process all over again tomorrow. That call came not too long ago, and I am very pleased to report that I will begin my high-dose chemotherapy tomorrow morning at 8:30!!!!!

Mom and I were very happy to hear that the chemo would get started, but I am a little bummed that Liz will not really get to see me while I am still healthy and in good shape. By the time she gets here on Sunday my first cycle of chemo will be completed and the side effects will be in full force.

Also, for the past two days some of the volunteers here at Rachel's house have brought dinners for Mom and I (who are still the only people here). They have treated us so very well here, and we look forward to being able to give back in some way when I have finally beaten my cancer.

That is really all the news that I have for today. Mom is doing well with everything, but I can tell that she is getting tired of sitting around hospitals much like I am, but soon this will all be behind us and hopefully none of us will have to be in a hospital for a very long time.

Love to all,

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