Saturday, May 21, 2011

busy day - lots done - and more to do still

Tonight comes from the late night team ... well, I guess it's still me, just a more tired version of me. 

Today was quite enjoyable and busy.  You can tell I've been a ton of places today as Chauncey is sniffing me like I smell like a stack of raw meat covered in cheese and peanut butter.  Today I gave a diploma to one of my lacrosse kids who graduated which was a fun way to spend the morning.  The graduation even had a fire drill - a new "fun" thing.  I've calculated and I have been to at least twelve graduations total...and the fire drill was a new one.  Kurtis and I then headed out to a grad party and then out to Sterling for a graduation celebration for his cousin who just finished time at CSU.  We spent several hours there which was nice as Kurtis got to see his family before we head out "mid". 

We're just now getting home, and as I'm watching Kurtis pack his suitcase (and the dog attempt to bite off his tail...) everything is feeling real and more in motion.  He started his shots today - he gets two in the stomach a day for five days before they begin their harvest.  Currently, he is in great spirits and we are both in a very much "let's get this stuff done" mood.  Chaunce is aware that something is "happening" but he is not really sure what is up.  It will be interesting to see how he handles the cross-country trip.  Thank goodness Chels will be along for that ride.

Thank you for your continued thoughts and prayers - and please feel free to pass this link on to anyone.  Our carepage doesn't like to get the copy/paste, so unlike originally thought, I think we'll be transferring over completely to this blog as it is a lot easier for me to use.  I'm working on getting it to let me add pictures, but up to this point, I've been thwarted like so many of the moths that tried to fly through our windshield tonight. 

I think I have changed the settings on here so that anyone can comment.  There are a few things about this blog that I'm still learning, but I think I fixed that!  So go ahead and give it a try!  We love hearing from you :)

All our love -
Liz (Kurtis and the 'creature')