Monday, May 30, 2011

Greetings from iu medical center

Hello and good morning from Indianapolis!

While we are In the hospital, I thought I would take some time to write a quick update. Today, Kurtis is resting while he gets "fluids". Fluids include things to flush his system as well as medicines to keep him from getting sick while his blood counts are low. Today is the last day he will have before the return of half of his stem cells. I like to think of them as mini super heroes that are coming to help Kurtis :)

The room we are in is small, but nice. It has a door that we can keep open or close, and several chairs as well as a bed for Kurtis. There is also a tv, and K enjoys that for background noise. It is really quiet here today...although it isn't surprising. I think that the people next to us must be going through the same thing - dr. Eu horn just came by and talked with them. I would like to go talk to them, but their door is closed and I don't feel like it is okay for me to knock. It would be nice to speak with them and talk to someone who is around our age and in the same situation.

The sun is out and shining in Indy today and I will make use of that later when we get "home" since Chaunce will need to go play some. I brought my long board and there is a parking lot with a lot of open space so we will probably do some of that.

Kurtis isn't feeling too great, but he spends a lot of time that isn't a huge deal.

More soon...


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