Sunday, May 29, 2011

And we're "home"

Hello from muggy Indianapolis!

Chauncey and I arrived earlier today after we dropped "aunt" Chelsea off at the Louisville airport.

Over the last few days, I have gotten to see a lot of the country which was neat. Chauncey liked to get out and stop and see things. We were able to see a lot from in the car as well which was neat. I wasn't expecting Missouri to be as pretty as it was driving through. Today, I went to Louisville and I'd really like to go back. The city was really neat and there are some things I'd definitely like to see.

When we arrived, Chauncey "helped" me to unload the car a bit before we drove back across town to get Kurtis and his mom. Our room is nice, it has a couch, chair, little kitchen and tv. The fridge is full sized as is the freezer. In addition, the couch folds into a bed, so everyone has their own place to sleep which is good. I've blocked Chauncey and myself onto the couch and kitchen side so that he doesn't go try to snuggle with Kurtis. He just had a small barking episode, so hopefully that is done for the night.

Tomorrow Kurtis will go back to the hospital and will get more fluids,etc. He is feeling really bad, and from watching him today it is clear that this chemo is a lot tougher than VIP or BEP. Mostly he seems tired and semi sick to his stomach which is a bummer. However, I know that because he feels so rotten, the chemo is working. it is quite odd to be happy he feels bad, but I'm happy that the stuff is doing what it is supposed to be. I haven't been with him yet to the hospital, but i am looking forward to it. I didn't like being away from him during his chemo, but it was important for me to finish school and pack up what we needed.

I'll update more as we go :)


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  1. I am so glad to hear you arrived safely and loved your pics/updates on your travels. I know you are happy to finnaly be there and with Kurtis. You guys will beat this cancer in the butt!!! Your attitude is great and you seem positive and learned about what is going on. I am praying for all of you. Rough days are ahead, but don't let that get you down- you are fighting cancer and you WILL WIN!!!! Thanks for keeping us all updated. Love, Tonya