Thursday, May 26, 2011

...late night update from Colorado...


I know Kurtis wasn't feeling quite up to updating tonight, so I thought I'd take some time to fill you in on what is going on where he is as well as what I'm up to as I prepare to leave Colorado and head out to hang out with some hoosiers.

Kurtis started his chemo today, which is a great thing.  They were able to harvest enough stem cells (I think he said that in yesterday's post...but I can't remember) and tomorrow, he'll get dose number two.  Sounds like it is a lot like the other out patient chemo he had - takes a long time and they give him a lot of fluids.  I know he wasn't feeling too great, and I didn't get to hear a lot from him today due to it being my last day of school and his first chemo treatment. 

Getting ready to go has been a pretty big chore.  I find myself wandering around the house trying to find what I need and struggling to think about what we might be needing.  For the most part, the Subaru is packed up, either actually, or almost actually.  I've got some things that have to wait for tomorrow to be packed up - and some things that I just have yet to put in the car... haha.

I'm really glad for a break from school (although, it will only take approximately four days until I'm ready to be working on next year's stuff...or you know...on the drive home from Denver tonight.)  Really, I'm just happy that I have time "off" so that when I'm out in Indiana with Kurtis is doesn't mess up things.  I've set it up with some people I work with so I'll be able to Skype with them and do some of my work while I'm gone which is great.  I'm finding that technology is the greatest things for us during this time as it not only keeps us connected with our friends and family, but it provides information and endless entertainment.

I think that is all for now - thank you for your continued thoughts, prayers, and positive energy!


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