Tuesday, July 9, 2013

Two-step Tuesday

Good Evening! Hi! Hello!

It feels like days are on the verge of just flying by.  Hard to look at the calendar and see a nine.  Feels like just a few hours ago Kurtis and I were about to hop in the Subaru and adventure - and now I feel like I'm staring work in the face again.  Oh, summer.  You go too fast!

Today has been quite relaxed.  Kurtis slept in for a long time and I spent the morning working, listening to a book, editing photos, and drinking chai.  I finally got my desk cleaned off yesterday after several months of it being the how-much-crap-can-we-stack-here pile stand - and so far (drumroll), it's still clean.  Shocker, I know.  I'm still amazed at how much better Kurtis looks when he comes down each morning.  Chauncey has been wanting to get up early so he and I get up at his will...but each morning I find Kurtis to be closer and closer to normal.

We watched more HGTV where we learned all kinds of cool stuff and lucky for everyone, I have yet to touch anything in the house.  YET.  Before heading off to PT, we had lovely salads for lunch.  That's right.  I said it.  We had salad for lunch.  Not just Kurtis, me too.  I did shove about seventeen other things in the salad though - just to be honest.

Next on our wonderful agenda was PT.  Today was the "evaluation day." If you've never had any PT before, the first session is about figuring out what you can presently do as well as what you hope to be able to do when you are done.  The therapist tested all of Kurtis' balance and strength skills and will be working to get him to a place where he can rock the golf course (still looking for awesome golf weekend vacation ideas people...I've only gotten two...) and get back out on the hiking trails.  Most of the tests he did really well on, and the therapist is incredibly nice.  He has a few things to work on every day to get stronger and then one PT appointment a week for the next five or six weeks.

The PT session wore Kurtis out quite a bit (he rode the bike for five minutes!!) so he came home and relaxed more.  Our Subaru has been making strange noises and I thought that it was probably best we take it in.  I called today to make an appointment at the dealership and they had one available in "15 minutes" so I zoomed right over and spent the next several hours there while they installed the new radiator.  On the plus side, they did wash the car, so that's nice.  I am now taking bets on which of our appliances that has been hinging on death will decide to die in the next month.

Meet the Candidates!
Bachelor #1 is the dishwasher that occasionally leaks into the floor for no reason, has difficulty keeping the wheels on the drawer, and sometimes sounds like it is growling.  Bachelor #1 is still doing the job, but continues to threaten to explode.

Bachelor #2 is the washing machine that is approximately 100 years old.  He enjoys spending his time sometimes not turning on, refusing to use all the settings, and whirling so hard he may launch into space.  Bachelor #2 is also still doing the job and also continues to threaten to explode.

Turn your votes in, people.  This is serious business.

Meanwhile, back on the ranch....
Chauncey has taken to making himself 'executive rabbit police' and turns into a frenzied yellow ball of"cracker head" (because he eats crackers...not crack...haha...?) anytime a rabbit is in the front or back yard.  So, if anyone needs a rabbit alert system...I can hook you up.  Currently, he is patrolling the entirety of our backyard.

Kurtis has surgery tomorrow at 3 PM to place his port.  The surgery should be quick and fairly painless and he is ready to get it in and get the chemo rolling (that starts Thursday).  His surgeon will also remove his head staples, so tonight will be the last night he has to deal with them while watching TV and sleeping! YAY!  I know that he is really ready to get them out.

Hopefully everyone is doing well.  I'll post updates about his surgery tomorrow in the facebook group, so check there for updates if you are worried!

All our love!
Liz, Kurtis, and Colonial Chauncey: Rabbit Patrol

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  1. Love seeing these great posts! You guys rock!!! We are so happy for Kurtis' progress. Love the updates.
    -Art, Linda and Buster

  2. I vote for bachelor #2. My opinion is that washing dishes by hand is a lot less of a hassle than washing clothes, and the large variety of other machine-washable particulars...