Thursday, July 11, 2013

Port Placement & Chemo Flow

Good Morning!

Today, I am writing from the chemo infusion center as our favorite warrior (Kurtis...duh) is preparing for some magical drugs to wipe this cancer out.  The infusion center is an interesting place, but also a comfortable one since we've been here before.  When you enter it, entire room is full of comfortable recliners as well as enough doctor "zoom and spin" chairs that I am consistently about thirty seconds from being busted.  Kurtis tells me I'm going to be kicked out. We are currently waiting for the labs to come back so that Kurtis can start his infusion.  He'll be getting two different drugs today and we should be home in about four hours (or less!)

WAIT! I didn't write about yesterday, so I'll back up first.

Kurtis had his port placed yesterday by our favorite South African surgeon.  We headed to PVH at about 2 and then went though the really enjoyable pre-op process.  Kurtis' favorite part was that the nurse who was responsible for putting his IV in was having a few issues.  Right arm, left arm, right arm, left arm...ow.  His surgeon took out his head staples at the same time and then eventually popped the IV in what he called the "Mississippi River".  They whisked him away and in about an hour, everything was done.  It took another hour for them to let me back to see him which is always the most difficult part.  He was doing great - munching away on his favorite post-surgery chips.  After a couple dixie cups of apple juice we were sent home.

The pain hasn't been too bad, but obviously not great.  His port is placed under his collar bone on the right side so it made sleeping a little difficult last night.  Once it heals up though, it doesn't really cause him much pain or discomfort, so that is wonderful.  It is so much easier for him when the nurses draw blood or infuse medicine than having an IV, so he is happy to have it back.

This morning, Kurtis had an appointment with the cancer doc.  Dr. Moore explained that the "specimens" (a seriously weird word - just say it out loud like five times...yea...) were cancerous which we already knew - even if it wasn't official yet.   Now the plan is to hit the stuff in his lungs with two chemo medicines and then use pinpoint radiation for his brain in the spots where the remaining tumor is and where the ones that were taken out were.  Everything sounds good - just time to get the medication in and get to fighting.

And --- back to where I started ---

Since I started writing, Kurtis has his pre-meds rolling.  They infuse medications like benadryl to help with the impact of the chemo.  Once those are in, he'll get his chemo drugs and then we'll head home to Colonial Chauncey, Rabbit Patrol.  Mr. Rabbit Patrol thought that he was coming with us today because I made the outstandingly intelligent choice to hang the re-useable grocery - "chemo snack" bag on the same hook as his leash.  So, when I grabbed that he went nuts.  Good one, Chauncey's mom.

Thank you to all of you who have continued to support us with food and love.  It's been difficult, no reason to lie about that.  But, the support from all of you makes such an incredible difference in our ability to fight this junk.  We look forward to your visits as well, so please keep coming over :)  Just shoot me a text (970.232.5268) if you want to come and I'll make sure that Kurtis feels up to your visit and check in with Chaunce to make sure that he feels you won't suffer a rabbit attack!

All our love -
Liz, Kurtis, and Chauncey

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