Thursday, July 4, 2013

No Place Like Home

Happy Fourth!

We are currently celebrating by watching Sportscenter and listening to some random people in our neighborhood shoot off a few fireworks every five minutes or so.  Chauncey thinks that we're in a warzone and wouldn't go out to pee.  Really eventful in the Melahn-Huss home tonight.

Even though we're not BBQing and watching fireworks or wearing ridiculous star spangled outfits both of us, as well as the yellow dog, are more than thrilled to be home.  "Hospital time" has to be one of my personal least favorite things about this whole cancer-destruction activity.  There are clocks in every room, but at the hospital apparently everyone is worse than I am at reading clocks.  My parents and Kurtis can tell you that this is a real insult because by the time I can figure out what the analog clock says, the time is no longer correct.  In my classroom, students will ask me what time we get out and I'll say something like "at the four"...yea, winner right here.  ANYWAY.

Yesterday: "Looking forward to getting you out in the morning"
Today: "Can't wait to get you out this morning"

Us leaving - 3 PM.  Um...? Last time I checked that was not the morning.

It was a long morning.  As I think I've said, waiting is the hardest part and that doesn't just mean for tests or appointments.  The waiting in general can be surprisingly exhausting and when you're waiting to go home, it's even worse.  After a quick stop for a frosty, we headed home where Chauncey greeted us with his patented squeal-cry-n-bite.  Our fridge was full of groceries and treats thanks to Kurtis' cousin Eric's family and my might-as-well-be-twin Chelsea (as well as some really excellent balloons!!).  Thank you!

Kurtis spent the evening where he should be - on the couch resting.  I watered our slightly suffering grass and pulled approximately three weeds (an outstanding start...), made some dinner and made sure that Kurtis had clear paths to walk.  He is doing incredibly well walking around and hasn't needed any support.  Until he is a little more stable, I'll continue to follow him around like a little shadow just in case he ever gets woozy mid jaunt to the kitchen, bathroom, etc.  Today he was able to tackle the stairs on his own which still amazes me.

Tomorrow, the shower chair that the PT people wanted us to get (just in case - apparently showers can be problematic due to the temperature change and blood pressure and a bunch of anatomyish stuff that I don't get) will be here tomorrow.  This is not important for you to know, but I did want to share that I find it highly amusing that after ordering it on Amazon yesterday, all of the ads on my facebook are for shower chairs, shower benches etc.  Like I'm going to start a collection of them.  "Oh, do you have this in orange? I have the red and blue striped one, but I'm really looking for the orange one".  I mean, really?

We'll head to meet the surgeon tomorrow to go over the port placement that will happen next Wednesday and start looking for a PT to work with Kurtis on improving his stability, etc.  If you have suggestions, let us know!! Please! :)

I started a facebook group today so that if you want to be informed via facebook you can - search for: Warrior Kurtis Cancer Smash and you should be able to come up with it.  My facebook will go back to normal and I'll be posting all of the links, pictures, etc. in the group for those who are interested.

Thank you for the continued messages of support, it means a lot to both of us.

More tomorrow -
Love, Liz, Kurtis, and Chauncinator

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