Thursday, July 18, 2013

Back in the Chemo Zone

Greetings from the chemo room in sunny Fort Collins!

It's been a few days since I've written, but things are moving along just fine.  Chemo is proving to be a less-than-enjoyable experience (as we already knew it would be) but day by day we are powering through.

Monday evening the Smithwicks brought lasagna over and we had a nice meal with lots of good conversation.  The lasagna was huge and we have been snacking on it all week, so thank you for that! Always nice to have visitors in our house and we enjoy eating with friends!

Tuesday and Wednesday proved to be mostly uneventful.  Kurtis and I are finishing the TV series Weeds and he's been resting.  The chemo has really knocked him down and he has been feeling really tired.  I started knitting for the first time a few days  ago thanks to my friend Amelia.  I chose to knit a hedgehog for Kurtis which is now complete and I'm about halfway done with the second one.  A local knitting store, My Sister Knits has donated a lot of things for our Etsy shop.  I am going to get them up and for sale here in the next few days :) We also had a visit from one of our college professors, Kelly, and it was really nice to see her as always.  She brought over a feast as well that we have been munching away on.

Kurtis' mom came up last night and is "enjoying" chemo with us today.  It has been really good to see her and we're both happy that she was able to come up!  After the lab results came in, Kurtis found out that he has to get a blood transfusion tomorrow since his hemoglobin is low.  Once it is in his body, he should start to feel a lot better and less energy zapped. Today after chemo, we'll head to the hospital and Kurtis will have another lung-draining procedure.  His oxygen was low and heart rate back up so they took an Xray and found out that his right lung is full of fluid again - this procedure isn't a huge deal.  Not in the "fun" category, but not something that is going to make it so he is hospitalized.

We appreciate your continued messages of love and have really enjoyed seeing all of the Warrior Up bracelets around town and around facebook. :)

More soon -

Liz, Kurtis, and Chauncey

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