Tuesday, July 23, 2013

Marching Forward


How many people used ahoy this week as instructed? No one? As expected.  You big group of fun haters.

Well, both Monday and Tuesday have been better for Kurtis than last week was, so that is excellent.

It is nice to see that the blood is 'working' for Kurtis and he's feeling better and better. Yesterday his energy level was up and we had a lovely Thai dinner with our friends and co-workers Brenda and Randy.  It was nice to hang out at our table and relax.  The great thing about Kurtis' energy level right now is that it doesn't seem to be going down, and his lung doesn't appear to be filling up with fluid - all absolutely stupendous!  Day to day tasks are getting easier for him as well :)

After Randy and Brenda left, I headed out to go on my first paddle-boarding trip courtesy of our friend and co-worker Sarah and her awesome husband Billy.  The hour at Horsetooth under the big, bright, moon was exactly what I needed (thank-you).  I felt really relaxed on the paddle-board and I would not complain if I just walked out one morning and one was attached to my Subaru.  Until that point - I will put it on the "toys Liz would like" list.

This morning, Kurtis felt good enough to go to PT so we headed out to the PT place.  The appointment today was about 45 minutes and Kurtis rocked it!  He did some time on the bike, upper body strength-building, lots of balance-centered walking and some time on a balancing board.  After all of that he got to get stretched out and relax :)  It wore him out and contributed to a pretty solid afternoon nap - but so far he isn't too sore and it hasn't completely zapped him.  I may have spent a good portion of the afternoon with Chaunce in the backyard napping too.

Our former professor, Kelly, stopped by with some baked goods from Jamie who worked with me in the Historical Literacy Partnership - thank you! I have already consumed a lot of the bread and Kurtis has been working on the cookies!

I went to school for a little bit to "unwrap" my classroom.  There was a camp there for most of the summer thus far and everything had been covered...so it was a little bit like Christmas and a little bit like holy crap school is on its way!

Tomorrow, Kurtis has a plethora of appointments - oncologist, radiation oncologist, and head doc.  A circus!  We'll be busy in the afternoon!  Thursday is the restart of chemo and we're guessing that Kurtis is going to need to get blood sometime too if the pattern that has been continues to be.

Thanks for your ongoing love and messages of support.

Liz, Kurtis, and Chauncey

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