Friday, July 5, 2013

One Day at a Time

Good Evening :)

Today's update probably won't be as in-depth as the more recent ones, simply because we were able to relax a little bit today which was a gift.  Chauncey and I woke up fairly early and spent some time curled up on the couch catching up and news, watching sportscenter, and browsing the internet.  I was happy that Kurtis had the chance to sleep in before we headed over to the first post-crainiotomy appointment.

The thing about cancer is that along with the battle against the cancer, there are also approximately 3 gazillion appointments to go to.  For what feels like, everything...

Today we visited the surgeon that will be putting Kurtis' port in.  He's a jolly South African fellow that we really like, so even though the circumstances aren't ideal, we enjoyed getting to see him this morning.  More interesting that is that Kurtis had his first set of walking "obstacles":
-curb without rail
-awkward concrete ramp with large cracks
-squishy doormat
-raised door threshold

Amazing what you notice about the world when your circumstances have changed!  He did a great job and was able to navigate them without any issues! Can I get an amen?

Kurtis  has a PT appointment for next week (Tuesday) - that should help him regain his balance and walking skills.  Surgery for the port will be Wednesday afternoon and take about an hour total.  On Thursday, he'll start chemo and be on the road to kicking this stuff to the curb :)

Today we had some visitors - a herd of students (and their parents!) with books for Kurtis, chocolate,  and lemon poundcake (thank you!) as well as one of our other HS teachers with an outstanding meal (thank you!!).  We really appreciate things like that as not having to cook and clean up dinner today gave me some time to sit on the deck with an Easy Street and play my uke.  Some much needed down time made possible by some outstanding people.  <3

If you'd like to visit at all the next few days, just shoot me a text and I'll make sure Kurtis is feeling up to it.  Chauncey loves it more than anyone I think - haha.  Thank you for your continued love, support, hugs, emails, notes, etc.  We really appreciate it :)

All our love!
Liz, Kurtis, and the crazy pup

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