Sunday, July 21, 2013

A Better Day


Yes, I just said ahoy.  And, no, I am not on a boat.  However, Alexander Graham Bell did think that ahoy should be used to answer the phone, so obviously its other natural use is to start blogs (or welcome students to class).  It's a great word.  Try using it sometime - fun might creep into your life though, so be careful.  Stop laughing, I'm not joking.

Today was a better day for Kurtis.  The blood has been circulating for a little over twenty-four hours now and although he is still tired and feeling not the best, he looks, sounds, and feels a lot better than yesterday which is excellent.  He was able to sleep in for awhile this morning and get a few good naps in this afternoon.  His color is improving and he isn't having as much of a headache when he stands up. All positive! He really enjoyed watching some golf this morning too - especially since Phil (his favorite) won :)  Yeeeee-haw!

Sometimes I get sucked into doing nothing while he is resting except figure out what else I can do to help him (which, when he is sleeping is to leave him alone...ha).  Today, however, was an example of the opposite thing that can happen - I go into major work mode.  This morning Chelsea and I headed over to Home Depot and picked out a nice, new, fully functioning, red garbage disposal, a lovely power cord kit, and plumber's putty.  Then we came home and put it together replacing the old, leaking, model.  I am proud to say that we didn't really struggle at all and perhaps the most difficult part of the entire endeavor was finding the plumber's putty in the store... :).  I also cleaned out our closet which looked like Chauncey had been locked inside during a thunderstorm for a week so that feels a lot better. I finally got some lesson planning done too (yes that's right kids, school is right around the corner and I'm ready for you...well, I will be...).

We spent the evening watching some of our favorite summer TV - the Rockies playing well, HGTV Star, and Food Network Star.  Tomorrow there isn't anything on the docket yet as far as treatment...just hanging out, kicking cancer in the butt, and watching some baseball.

Sending love! <3

Liz, Kurtis, and Chauncey Dudley "Rabbit Master"

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