Wednesday, July 3, 2013

Leaving the Hospital Eve

Hello :)

We're at the point now where I have started to put things in perspective as far as time.  When you first face a medical crisis, as many of you know, time sort of moves (or stands still) without much consent or personal awareness.  However, as things have started to calm down, it is a lot easier to realize that we've been at this a week already.  Oh, how time can fly.  A week ago, Kurtis was suffering from severe headaches and a little bit of dizziness.  Today, he's back to his normal self with no headaches, and we are headed out tomorrow (hopefully in the morning!).

Today was fairly uneventful here at MCR.  Several of the doctors came in and checked on Kurtis' progress and all felt like he was doing well.  One from the neuro group came in and removed his extremely fashion-forward head wrap and we, well....I, saw the incisions for the first time and both are looking good.  One is about two inches long and the other about three inches long - both are closed with staples (he has about 20 staples total).  The occupational therapy people came by as well and Kurtis went for a walk and she did some "testing" to make sure that he was ready to go home.   This was fun to watch because I think he's doing really well! He was able to pick up items off of the floor, walk with a glass of water, open and close cabinets and the fridge, walk at a fast pace, and stop on command.  I still can't express my complete and utter surprise that he was having brain surgery on Monday and today he's doing all the things he is doing.  

I expressed this to him earlier today. His response? "When are you going to figure out I'm an f-ing superhero?" Love it.

We also had some wonderful visits today! Childhood friend, staff from school, and a few students!  It makes the hospital a lot more enjoyable for both of us :)

Tomorrow we're hopefully headed home in the morning which we are really, really, looking forward to.  It will be nice to be in our own house with our pup!  So - we're taking in a few last looks at our "high rise".

Many of you asked about helping before and I posted a blog earlier today (called Help!) so if you are interested, check it out!  The thing I need the most help with right now is groceries for tomorrow.  I have a list up on Lotsahelpinghands,  but I am supposed to be with Kurtis 24 hrs a day for a bit to make sure that everything is going okay with his head.  I don't feel like dragging him to the grocery store, stuffing him inside one of those little kid racecar carts, crashing into multiple displays, and eventually coming home with like three broken cucumbers is really my best option. I mean really.  I can't even push the cart on my own with a success rate of more than like 20% so....yea. I know tomorrow is the fourth, but if you happen to be going anyway it would be a huge help! :)

A few medical things on the horizon:
Friday - Meet with surgeon for port placement (click here to see one).  The port is how the chemo goes in and makes everything a lot simpler.

Wednesday - Surgery to place the port at PVH.  Should take about twenty minutes.  Kurtis has done this before and not a big deal.  Not after brain surgery! :)

Thursday - Begin chemo

Other than that, not a lot to report! We had Old C's for lunch and Kurtis was happy to be "off" the really lovely hospital menu.

Lots of love!

Liz, Kurtis, and Chauncey

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  1. I don't know how, but I always thought you'd end up with a superhero as a soulmate. Like attracts like, I suppose.

    Or maybe I have know, like a fifth sense?