Monday, July 15, 2013

Good Morning :)

It's a cool overcast morning in Fort Collins, and Chauncey and I are hanging out in the backyard.  I've settled in to write an update and he is patrolling the backyard looking for rabbits, cats, and any other animals that are not permitted.  There was a cat walking the fence this morning, so he is hyper-sensitive and feels like aliens may invade at any time.  Or something like that.

This weekend has been both busy and relaxing at the same time.  Kurtis still wasn't feeling great on Saturday, he didn't do very much but try to rest and sleep. The chemo really causes some lame side-effects like that, but we know that those mean that it is working, so it is difficult to be frustrated about it.
I set to work finishing our backyard by selecting some plants and picking up dirt from Home Depot for our new barrels in the back.  I was a few bags of dirt short, so I will probably make a run over there sometime today so that they are all finished.  Otherwise, all that is left is a little weed-killing and one more Subaru load of mulch :)

Sunday was better for Kurtis, although still not in the category of "great".  His color was looking better and he was moving around and sitting up more which I was happy to see.  Our friends Kyle and Leah stopped by to bring bracelets (shipping today! or available for pick up for those of you who live close) and a meal from Kyle's mom (THANK YOU!).  It was really wonderful to see them - as it is to see any of you who take the time to stop by.

I also did some reading yesterday about food that helps to fight cancer and we're doing a little bit of a diet shift around here trying to include a lot more veggies and limit sugar.  I bought a juicer yesterday to help with this quest and spent the afternoon shoving different vegetables and fruits in and creating samples for Kurtis.  Fortunately, most of them turned out well and I'm hoping that they help get those magical cancer-fighting things that exist in things like broccoli into Kurtis faster and more easily.

Today more resting (and hopefully some school work for me) and the Home Run Derby tonight :)  We've got dinner coming tonight, so I can clean the kitchen and keep it that way after lunch! Haha.

Hope all is well, sending our love!
Liz, Kurtis, and Chauncey

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