Wednesday, August 7, 2013

Wednesday Update


Well.  It has certainly been a long time since I've updated here, I was going to update last night, but my computer wasn't charged and ... I went to bed instead.  But now I'm all connected to power and ready to go!

Well, it certainly has been a week.  Lots of stuff going on for us - in the middle of trying to get ready for school and figure out what to do with our lingering days of summer :/.  It really feels like we just finished school - amazing how fast a couple months go when you're fighting cancer.

Kurtis has now completed eight treatments of radiation and will have two more - tomorrow and Friday. They have been "easy" as far as the treatment time goes...we just drive over to the center and they take him for five minutes and then we go home.  However, they've been magnifying the chemo side effects so right now, Kurtis is facing a constant battle with pretty extreme fatigue and nausea.  I think we are both thankful that the radiation is almost done!

Last week, Kurtis' family came to visit.  It was good to see his mom and sister as well as the nieces who did the best they could being "understanding" of Kurtis being sick.  Aubrey even picked out a very cute frog and gave it to Kurtis with strict instructions that it is to CUDDLE WITH.  We spent most of the rest of the weekend watching baseball and movies.  The Rockies are not really helping us feel any better right now, so we're hopeful that they'll turn it around soon.

I interviewed for the head coaching (women's lacrosse) position at Colorado State early last week and found out at the end of the week that I got the job which I am very excited about.  I wasn't really ever expecting to change my coaching job, but when this opportunity came up I didn't feel like I could say no! It was an extremely hard thing to decide to leave my current coaching job - we have a ton of great kids and wonderful families.  The last couple of weeks while I was trying to decide what to do I had a lot of anxiety, so actually having the decision finalized has lifted a big weight.  I know that my Eagles will continue to do great things and I'm quite excited to be coaching the defending national champs!  Amazing how opportunities present themselves when you least expect it.

I also got to go spend Monday night with my family in Denver to celebrate my little sister's birthday (early).  It was great to get to see my family and surprise her.  I'm thankful that Kurtis is feeling well enough that I was able to go, but I know that he was sad he couldn't join.

We were able to meet with the school district and set up Kurtis' "leave" time while he's going through treatment.  Thankfully that went well and it looks like he'll start back two days/week for the first little while.  I know he is ready to get back in the classroom too :)

Today I spent time dragging our furniture around upstairs.  Since Kurtis is so nauseous all the time, I have been sleeping on one of the other mattresses on the floor.  Now our other bed frame is in the room and I am much less in the way and up off the floor which will be nice.  Chauncey was quite confused and not good at "helping"

I think that's all for now.  I'm sure I missed a lot, but I'll write more tomorrow :)

All our love!
Liz, Kurtis, and Chauncey

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