Thursday, August 22, 2013

Kurtis is free

Hello -

I just wanted to take a few moments tonight write in this blog.  It has been an important part of our journey.

Two nights ago around 7:30, Kurits passed away.  It was a pretty quick downhill spiral that landed him in the ICU.  After speaking to the doctor on the morning of August 20th, we learned that Kurtis' lungs were too damaged to fix, even if they could fix the other problems that his lungs were no longer able to function on his own.

We were fortunate to have an extra day to say goodbye and I am thankful that I got to tell him I love him a million more times.  I never really thought I'd be writing this post, but here I am.  It's difficult right now, but I know that he isn't in pain anymore and that helps to put me at peace.  I know that he is looking out for all of us as he promised he would.

Kurtis' memorial service will be on Sunday at two at our neighborhood park.  Details follow:

Kurtis' Life Celebration Information

The service for Kurtis Huss will be on Sunday, August 25th at 2pm in Registry Park (6820 Ranger Dr, Fort Collins, CO 80526).  The park is located in a neighborhood and the city of Fort Collins has asked that cars are not parked in residential streets as much as possible. Please dress casually and wear blue (Kurtis' favorite color), the ceremony will be outside so please bring chairs or blankets to sit on.  We also recommend that you bring water as it is supposed to be hot that afternoon.  In lieu of flowers, donations may be made to the Kurtis Huss Memorial Scholarship Fund that will begin annually awarding  students from Polaris Expeditionary Learning School and Holyoke High School with scholarship money to further their education.  Checks may be made out to the Kurtis Huss Memorial Scholarship Fund.  A reception of Kurtis' favorite snacks and drinks will be held following the celebration - if you would like to bring some to share please feel free.  
Thank you for the endless love that you showed both Kurtis and myself.  He was the love of my life and my very best friend and I feel a little lost without him right now.  But I want you to know that I'm okay.  I have all of you on my side and he's taking care of me :)

I'm hoping that you will all post memories of Kurtis below and I intend to post some of mine in the future :)

All our love,
Liz and Chauncey


  1. Liz, I can't wait to hear more of your memories of Kurtis. I feel like I know him so well from your awesome blogging these past few years. My heart breaks for you, but I can't help but smile either, knowing he's at peace and seeing the strength your love for each other has given you. Love and prayers!

  2. Every time I would walk by Kurtis in the halls I would always ask him how he was. He always had a smile on his face, when i was having a bad day it would all change around because of him. I'm just glad that I got to know him while I had the chance to.

  3. Though I can't speak to losing my partner and best friend, I understand how devastated I would be if I were to lose Brenda. The grace with which you have passed through this astounds me and I only hope that I may be able to approach that if I must experience it. I grieve immensely for you and, selfishly, for the missed opportunity to hang with and work with Kurtis during this year and in the future. He was a joy to collaborate with and bailed me out of several organizational dilemmas last year in Crew. I so enjoyed balling with him on the court (he smoked me many times!) and I'm missing his calming, dry, sarcastic presence this year in Crew. I long to share another brew with him and hear many more hilarious stories......