Friday, August 9, 2013

3003, a hospital odyssey


Tonight I'm writing from room 3003 at PVH where Kurtis, Chauncey, and I will be spending the night. Don't panic!

Kurtis had his last radiation treatment this morning and threw up on the way.  After his treatment he was looking really pale and generally "not good" so they had him lay down at the radiation oncologist's office.  After taking his blood pressure (super low) they decided to transport him via ambulance to the ER at PVH.

Originally, Kurtis was scheduled to have a blood transfusion today, so they started that while we were in the ER.  We watched "Trouble With the Curve" and hung out until they decided to keep Kurtis overnight.  Once that decision was made, we were moved up to the oncology hallway and I headed home to get Chauncey.

Kurtis has had two bags of blood so far and LOTS of fluid.  His color is almost all the way back to "normal" and he was even able to eat real food for dinner. His blood numbers are not quite where they should be and his blood pressure is still low, but the good thing is that we're here so they can monitor all of that stuff. Hopefully the blood and fluid will help to get the nausea under control.  We've been having a lovely evening - Rox are playing well tonight and the three of us are together, so that is what matters :)

I don't have a lot of news other than that - not really a whole lot to report.

We appreciate the continued love and support!

Liz, Kurtis, and hospital dog Chauncey

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