Sunday, August 18, 2013

Sunday "funday"

Greetings and Salutations!

Well.  Here we are.  Several days after Thursday, but lots to share and update you on.  It's been a crazy few days (aren't they all now?!??!).  Time is ticking away and summer officially ends at 5 AM or so when I get up to go to work since I still am not ready (!!) with all of my copies and such for school tomorrow.

Kurtis is doing better than a few days ago.  No new tumors to report, thankfully.

On Friday, they placed an Aspira lung drain so that he can take the fluid out of his lungs as needed.  It's very painful right now because they have to kind of dig around to get it placed which is not comfortable in any sense of the imagination.  Yesterday was the worst day for that I think, and today has been much better since they've been giving him some pain medication through the IV.

We were hoping that he would be able to go home Saturday or Sunday, but that hasn't been the case.  Things have stabilized for the most part except for the random bleeding that is happening and going into his lung.  Today we drained it for the first time and got 400cc of fluid - and that is after they got 3500cc of fluid a few days ago (that is about 3.5 IV bags just to give you some reference points).  So, the trick now is just getting that blood stop and the chemo rolling again...something that we are hopeful will happen tomorrow or Tuesday.

Today was mellow.  We watched the Americans lose the Solheim Cup and then later some Cuthroat kitchent.  Chipotle for dinner and Kurtis was able to move and sit in a chair (YEA!).

For now, Kurtis is still in the hospital.  It's not terrible though since the nurses are here and everything is taken care of :]

School starts tomorrow and I know that it is hard for Kurtis to be missing it.  However, once they get this stuff a little bit under control, I know that he's excited to get back to the classroom.

I spent Saturday in Parker at the Solheim Cup with my parents which was really fun.  I'm happy that Kurtis got to spend some time with his mom :] and also that the wonderful Amelia was able to take care of broken dog.  Broken dog is doing well.   He had his bandage removed today and will spend the week at the vet for "day boarding"


I think that's all for now.  More soon...I won't say tomorrow since I lied last time!

Liz, Kurtis, and Chauncey Dudley


  1. Wow! I was behind a few posts!!! We hope things are stabilizing some now for poor Kurtis! Glad Chauncey is recovering! You guys are in our thoughts and prayers always. Please let us know if we can help at all - ride for Kurtis, play date for Chauncey or a meal sometime?? Really? Let us know! Good luck with school today. Stay strong and positive you two! We love ya!
    -Linda, Art and Buster

  2. Just reviewed your last few posts. You are both amazing and we are keeping you in our thoughts and prayers.