Saturday, June 29, 2013

Evening Report!

Greetings and Salutations!

In getting back in the swing of things, you can probably expect more blog posts than are probably necessary, but I know that many of you have questions and this is the best way for us to get out information :)

Today was quite restful for both Kurtis and myself.  There was only one test today, an EEG, which is a brain wave test.  They did that mid-morning - it involved hooking Kurtis up to a bunch of wires on his head and then doing a few things including a memory test, a strobe light test, and then rest with his eyes closed.  Through the cancer "experience" Kurtis has had a lot of testing done, but never an EEG - I asked the tech a lot of questions and got to watch along on the monitor.  They were running this test to check for seizure type activity which they didn't find which is great!

We had visitors, both family and friends, which helped to keep the mood light and cheerful.  To those of you who visited today - THANK YOU! :)  Fortunately, the Rockies played today and we enjoyed spending the afternoon watching them - especially with a great walk-off win!

Tomorrow is more of the same, relaxing and monitoring.  Looks like surgery is tentatively scheduled for around 2pm...I'll update that if it changes!  We met with the neurosurgeon again and he still feels like the surgery should be no big deal.

Thank you to all of you who texted, emailed, and called today.  We are so thankful to have such amazing families as well as such a wonderful collection of friends, coworkers, students, and lacrosse players/families and fellow coaches.  It is so nice to  have heard from all of you and it is so wonderful to know that there are so many of you that care about us.  We're also thankful that our gofundme is now rolling and working - thank you for that initial donation :)

Again my email is - please don't hesitate to send notes to Kurtis there :)

All our love  and another update soon.
Liz, Kurtis, and Chauncey

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  1. Dear Kurtis & Liz...
    Will be thinking of you today and keeping you in my prayers. I have faith in your surgeon that he will take care this nasty thing. Please stay positive and, Liz, thank you so much for your posts. You help so much to help us to understand all of this. I am amazed at your professional words and knowledge. Love you guys!