Friday, June 28, 2013

Back on the Carousel

Good Evening -

Although writing in this blog the first trip around the cancer carousel served both as a way for us to pass on information on to those who care and as a therapy of sorts, I didn't really miss it that much.  I mean, there are positives to working on your writing skills, spelling, etc. but I'd prefer to attack that in a different venue.

Bad news is, the blog is back.  We're back.  Back on the carousel.

Over the last several days, Kurtis has been suffering from some pretty strange and severe headaches.  Yesterday, I eventually called our cancer doc and it was decided that we needed to make our way to urgent care.  After some tests there, we were sent to the ER where they did a head CT and discovered some masses in Kurtis' brain.  So far, we don't know a lot...but we do know enough to fire out our first update.

As it stands this is what we know:
-Kurtis has four tumors in his brain. There are three on the right side on/near his cerebellum and one on the left side above the cerebellum in the actual "brain" part (look at my science knowledge!).  

-The neurosurgeon and neurologist both described the tumors as "small" - we don't know exactly how big that is, but if the neuro guys are calling it small, I'm good with it.
-It looks like Kurtis will be having brain surgery, most likely on Monday.  They will be removing some of the tumors near his cerebellum.  After that, they will use pinpoint radiation to get rid of the remaining tumors.
-Kurtis also has one or more tumors that have started to grow in his lungs ... they may be cancerous or teratoma (benign tumor that doesn't respond to chemo/radiation and has to be surgically removed) due to his past history.
-One of Kurtis' lungs also had fluid in it.  Today, they drained that doing a fancy procedure that I both don't remember the name of and have no chance of spelling -  so look it up or ask someone who is a doctor if you really need to know that name.  Seriously.  I think it starts with T.  He feels better now to have that fluid out and it doesn't sound like the procedure was as painful as you might imagine which is positive.
-Currently, we are in the ICU but later tonight we will be moved to a room - either to oncology or neurology
-Kurtis isn't feeling the possible impacts of the pressure on different parts in a huge way.  He is having headaches and he has a small problem with fine motor skills (trouble signing his name) and occasional slight slurred speech...but other than those things, he isn't too super

This news has been quite a shock to us as I am sure it is to you if you're reading this!  Kurtis' last clean scan was in April and everything has been clear for a long time.  I know that the first question out of your mouth or in your head will be "what can we do to help?"  My answer right now is -- we don't know.  We're going to need help, I know that from experience.  But, we're learning about what this ride around the carousel is going to look like.  As soon as I know what we need, I promise I will ask.  We may need some food help and/or some help with Chauncey.  Until then we can always use positive vibes and love.

If you want to send Kurtis a note, I know he would appreciate it.  The best way to do this is to send me an email ( - and I'll get it read to him :)

I'll put more information here as I get it.

Love to all - 

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